Danny Intro Blog

Hey everyone,

I’m looking forward to this class, gives everyone an opportunity to explore and learn more about sexuality. I am grateful for the safe space Tristan provides in the classroom. Have a good weekend.

Evyn 101: Intro to Evyn

Hi everyone! My name is Evyn (pronounced like Evan) Evans (bc I am a supervillain), and I’m a Linguistics major! I’m Agender & go by They/Them pronouns and I am also suuuuuuuper queer. I spend a lot of my time on tumblr where I yell about attractive ppl and yell at racists/sexists/cissexists/heterosexists/etc, and I aspire to be a non-binary Jane Elliott when I grow up. In the meantime I want to go into publishing and help make queer YA fiction better and more available to queer youth, and also more diverse and inclusive so that they are more likely to see themselves reflected therein!

I love making new friends (esp other trans/queer ppl!!) so feel free to ask to see pictures of my super cute cat or something and I will gladly oblige!


Lysander Valenzuela: Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name’s Lysander. This is my first semester here as a transfer from Cal State Los Angeles (technically my 4th year). I grew up in East LA and decided to move to SF because of the Queer community and because SFSU had my major: Women & Gender Studies. I’m also minoring in Music and LGBT Studies. I’m super excited about this course because I’ve never seen a class about Trans identities being offered where I’m from and I’m eager to learn theory and use this class to enrich and enlighten my everyday interactions. Also, this class seemed like a great place to find other folx/future friends who are also passionate about the Trans community.

With All the Colors of the Rainbow,


Patricia Huitzil: Introduction

Hello Everybody,

My name is Patricia Huitzil. I am from Los Angeles CA, South Central to be more precise. I am a Women’s and Gender Studies Major and a Special Education Minor. Although I have not used my voice in class, I hope to gain more confidence as time progresses. I am very much eager to hear everyone’s point of view on the readings as well to random chime-ins. From just the two previous class sessions we’ve had they have been informative, engaging and stimulating.  I am enjoying the class thus far, listening to what everyone has to say. I am eager to keep learning more about the subject as well as getting to know my fellow peers.

Only the beginning…

My name is Susie Gonzalez. Currently my major is Spanish, but I’m hoping that after this semester it will be in Child and Adolescent Development with an emphasis on Policy, Advocacy, and Systems. I plan to use both my major and minor in Race and Resistance Studies to challenge the way our system operates. I am excited to see what this class offers, but most importantly to develop relationships with my fellow classmates. I hope this class allows for us to share our own anecdotes, because I believe that experiences are much more valuable and educational than what many books have to offer. Can’t wait to personally meet you all.


Hey there, I’m Sam (well, Sydney, but no one’s called me that since 6th grade). I’m a graduating senior this semester (which scares me to no end, quite frankly), and about to get my degree in Philosophy & Religion with an emphasis on Jewish Studies. I’ve become increasingly interested in studying gender variance over the past year or so, which started with my introduction to the metaphysical mind/body distinction that has so infatuated many philosophers, so I’m really excited to be spending my last semester learning more about the topic in this class! I’m a pro at run-on sentences. And fragments.

I’m always down to talk about philosophy, theology, gender, music, and sci-fi, so swing by Healthy U (where I work) if you ever want to chat!

-Sam Mintz

Introduction time yaay

Hi, I’m Jordan but you can call me Jojo. My current major is Japanese because languages are cool. I’ve currently transferred from Las Vegas so everything around here is still pretty new to me. I like eating tasty food and being lazy but I’ll do my best to contribute to the class! Things are becoming a bit more clear to me so I hope to keep learning more and more as the days go by.

Vivian Lee: Introduction

Hey Everyone!

My name is Vivian or just call me “Viv” for short. I am a Junior and transfer student, majoring in nutrition/dietetics. I definitely love talking about food, health and diet, but also learning about other new things. So, I’m glad to be able to learn more about transgender studies. It’s a new subject for me. So I think learning about this subject will help expand my world and perspective a bit more. And I’m excited to see the movie that we have to watch for Monday. I only saw a trailer of it, so I’ll probably watch the whole movie tonight. Anyways, have a good weekend and see you all on Monday!

Paul Bernabe: An Introduction

Hello Everyone!

My name is Paul Bernabe and I am currently a 4th year student, who is actually categorized as a Junior, but to be honest I hate categories. I am currently studying Biological Chemistry so I probably won’t graduate for another 20 or so years, I’ll be like the oldest college student on campus, hehe. I am someone who from the two classes we have had has become very more informed on the subject matter and I am really interested in the Subject Matter at hand. I am the type of person who enjoys classes that are very open forum-ish where everyone gets to speak out and I can’t wait to get the “ball rolling” and dive deeper into the material as we move along the semester and am excited to be in the class with everyone else.

Jasmarie Murry-Introduction


My name is Jasmarie and I am a Junior majoring in Africana Studies. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s posts throughout the semester and listening to all  future presentations! So far the class has already proven to be incredibly insightful and i’m really enjoying the conversation and participation that is happening. Hope you all have a spectacular weekend!