Discussion Questions: Reading 1) Shuttling Between Bodies & Borders/ Reading 2) Silhouettes of Defiance

1) In the reading Shuttling Between & Borders, Shakhsari discusses how the refugees from Iran are forced to have a SRSs in order to prevent homosexuality. The individuals are  able to receive a new birth certificate, passport, etc. My question is, if these individuals are forced to have a SRSs (even though some may not want to), what is the point of having these individuals change their sex if their still face with social harassment, job discrimination and violence ?


2) In the reading Silhouettes of Defiance, Gossett discusses relevance of the Stonewall riots in New York as well as discusses the major event of Compton’s Cafeteria Riot where violence was conducted by the police. Gosset mentions that there are no transgender or racialized bodies before or after Stonewall. Gosset say they are discarded in the process of legitimizing white homonormative history. The Compton’s Riot is a important event that is relevant to transgender to history. Will transgender history ever be relevant and will always be covered by the white homonormative history?


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