Normal Life Discussion Questions

As Spade discusses in Chapter 1, during the Civil Rights movement there were laws that were passed to essentially “un-do” any sort of equality progress and  keep the status quo and re-enforce the current social system. Courts accomplished this in a few ways, namely by  “making affirmative action programs and school desegregation programs illegal because of their race consciousness. Another key tactic was creating a doctrine of anti-discrimination law that makes it almost impossible to prove discrimination.” How have current laws done the same to the transgender community to push back their rights and keep them underprivileged and robbed of “life chances”?

-How are they protected / supported from the obstacles and dangers they often face because of the imbalance? Protection from violence / sex work violence, policing, violence within prison?


How has the “official” gay and lesbian agenda reacted to the alternative approaches proposed by the critical queer and trans activists and organizations? Is there a need to create a balance between the two and propose new reforms that fit a broader and more collective population? Should they stay segregated because the gay and lesbian organizations have such a narrow framework and focus solely on sexual orientation? Should the prominent gay and lesbian organizations help and fight for support  of the queer and trans organizations or would they run the risk of loosing their large sponsors because their focus would then become so much broader? Are the big name sponsors willing to acknowledge the queer and trans communities and potentially fund them?





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