Sex and Diversity, Sex Versus Gender, and Sexed Bodies

1. In this innovative celebration of diversity and affirmation of individuality in animals and humans, Joan Roughgarden challenges accepted wisdom about gender identity and sexual orientation. A distinguished evolutionary biologist, Roughgarden takes on the medical establishment, the Bible, social science—and even Darwin himself. When it comes to culture how does cultural transmission work in human populations?

2. A significant portion of this excerpt is dedicated to breaking down the gender and sexuality binary in the animal world. While I have some reservations regarding the scientific vigor of these chapters, I do feel the writer has made her point about the diversity of gender and sexuality. When it comes to gender and sexuality are “men” and “women” distinguished social categories?

3. Third Gender in biology. In addition to male and female sexes (defined as the production of small or large gametes), Joan Roughgarden argues that more than two genders exist in hundreds of animal species. How can the environment trigger the sex change in a social organization?


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