Discussion Questions for the novel Trumpet P152-278

1) The media in today’s world attempt to report the story that people want to hear. The truth is sometimes twisted and forged when they are published, even though its interpretation would not be understood in the way it’s supposed to be. What kind of expectations do you think people have when they listen to a story of a life of a transgender person?


2) In this novel, the author Jackie Kay mentions “African American identity” a lot of times. Not only focuses on transsexaulity, but she also puts emphasis on some characters seeking the answer to a question “who they are” in their roots. What is the importance of examining one’s intersectional identity when we try to understand someone else?


3) Joss’s tight bandage around his breasts symbolized that he had a female body, but he was living his life as a man. Appearance is one of the most decisive factors of defining one’s gender. Consider how this cultural value of appearance has been affecting our society. Also, shaving and going to a barbershop are referred as the signs of masculinity. Do you think taking these masculine/feminine actions into the real life would help transsexual people feel more natural or close to their real selves?


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