Discussion Questions: Trumpet pg 1-151

1. Considering this week’s theme is “Trans Narratives”, what does it mean to have the fictional life of Joss Moody– a trans man– being narrative through everyone other than himself?

2. Considering the readings from our week of “Politics of Violence” by Bettcher, Lamble, Snorton, and Haritaworn, how is Joss Moody experiencing violence after his death?  How is Joss Moody’s character “remembered”? Does Jackie Kay writing this narrative challenge or further perpetuate the way transgender bodies are imagined? Consider pronoun usage, intersecting identities, and “secrecy”/”pretender”/”deceiver”.

3. This text provides a platform to challenge given identities, where several characters have been mentioned to have different names than what is on their legal documents (adoptions, jazz names, ext), yet there are still conflicts with Joss Moody’s identity. Considering cultural values, what dictates when, how, and why identities can be changed?


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