Discussion Questions

1) In Dan Irving’s Article, He talks about the four economic themes involved in regards to transitioning and also mentioned the fact that transexuals were often disciplined, why was this the case? Why is the process of transitioning so difficult for some people and why can’t they be treated well even after they are transitioned, what classifies them as different and allows people to treat them the way they do through therapy and other such means?

2) Dan Irving’s article discusses the “normalization of Transgender/Transgressions”, what are some other examples from readings we have read throughout the semester or news, et cetera that we can use to further prove the point that Dan Irving is trying to make through his article?

3) Dan Irving’s article starts off by discussion the Compton eatery resistance that was the first sign of resistance against police by transgendered people, if we look further into the incident and imagine what would have happened if that scenario didn’t happen, would the situation be the same for transgendered people or would the situation be even more complicated for them as that scenario wouldn’t have most likely happened?


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