discussion questions

1. According to the description of trans phobia and homophobia which one do you believe drove the murders to do such a hostile act towards Gwen?

2. Is Gwens “misleading” gender categorized as a deceiver or a pretender according to Bettchers description of both terms?

3.Would announcing herself as Trans really change the outcome of the situation according to the double bind concept approached by Bettcher?

4.Should Gwen be categorized under certain terms such as deceiver or pretender for being who she truly feels she is?


One thought on “discussion questions

  1. 3. In the written piece, the author seems to enforce the idea that if Gwen were to announce herself as “trans” it would not be helpful to her situation because she would instead be interpreted as “really a boy, who dressed up like a girl”. The author presents this as a construction around the trans label that has consequences including “failing to have ones identifications taken seriously”. Both “coming out as trans” and the “opt for invisibility” are subject to violence and I don’t think that choosing one over the other could change the situation. Gwen probably would’ve still been subject to abuse in school, which could’ve easily escalated into the same outcome.

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