Perverse Citizenship

In the article the Perverse Citizenship, by Marcia Ochoa  gives information on the Ordenanza de Convivencia Ciudadana (Law of the land).  It also highlights that Convivencia Ciudadana (citizenly coexistence) brings a social harmony that it respects all citizen as long as they respect the law. Ochoa states that she had to understand this ordinance and its accompanying definition of citizenship to comprehend the realm of Avenida Libertador in Caracas, Venezuela.

  1. Within the article by Marcia Ochoa both her and Brazilian political scientist Evelina Dagnino state “struggle for the right to have rights”; why do you think they both state this?
  2. How does Ochoa define citizenship and why does she refer it a subject?
  3. Ochoa writes, “These trans women are important to me precisely because they complicate the political project.” What is the political project and how does this affect the trans women. (447)

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