The concept I found I wanted to write about was Transsexual but first I would like to define what is a Transsexual. A transsexual is a person in which the sex-related structures of the brain that define gender identity are exactly opposite the physical sex organs of the body. Put even more simply, a transsexual is a mind that is literally, physically, trapped in a body of the opposite sex.

In the reading Susan Stryker points out what it is like for “tans” to be legalized and how hard it for them to be recognized. In her reading she states that the “yet the need for legitimization that precipitates social recognition for trans people, particularly transsexuals who embody physically a reassigned sex, remains urgent. Transsexual people often live a marginalized existence in which they are unable to secure legal employment, housing, and meet other rudimentary needs (Stryker Pg. 25)”. I found this interesting because everyone around the worlds depending where they are coming from, religion, sex, or identity are still having a hard time to succeed when it comes to your identity and how you identify yourself as. In this statement clearly Stryker is point out how difficult it is for trans to try and fit in the community they’re in. Jobs, school, family, and etc. are all factors that all tran people have to encounter when it comes to fitting in. 

Trying to find a job as a Tran is always going to be a challenge because not as many countries and states are acceptable when it comes to accepting a Tran. In the book it states one experience where a guy had a job but after transitioning she wanted to prove herself that she was as better as a guy when it came to her job. She states ” a lot of women in the company have told me there counting on me because I’m one of only a few here to make above the glass ceiling. I’m afraid my career advancement is on hold…but I’m going to prove to them that not only am I as good as the man I was before, I’m better as a women (Stryker Pg. 26). This statement can prove to many researchers that no matter what gender you identify as your gender wont have an affect on what you do no matter when you choose to change. 

When it comes to trans in the work place the word legalized is always going to be a conflict. Many readings I read and videos I watched many trans always had a problem with it. I never knew stories like this exist but I guess many trans have to encounter what it is like to be legalized and how it felt to those to be validated as well.

Another factor I would like to discuss when it comes to recognized is are you being discriminated because of your gender. In Juang Transgendering Politics of Recognition I came to find how it interesting how one being a trans and race is completely different. I never thought you get treated more differently being a trans. In one case one trans got hit by a car and someone came to help but after realizing she was a he the individual yelled nasty names and left her lying there. It is strange how people view and differently and discriminate them by their gender now. I feel that these people who do that have no idea what that trans individual has done for their community and how important and hard working that person has worked.

Transgender inclusion in the workplace has quietly become a phenomenon of global proportions. In 2000, there were three Fortune 500 companies that included gender identity in their employee nondiscrimination policies. Today, over half of Fortune 500 has implemented such policies. I find people who are transgender are always going to encounter things that get into their ways in the workplace and I honestly believe that no matter what race, gender, or identity you identify as that should affect the way you to be some sort of validation for your country or place you live in. 


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