Gender Identity

Gender identity is described as a person’s personal sense of their own gender.  Throughout the course, gender has been one of the main topics discussed.  Not only what gender is but how we classify exactly what gender we choose to be.  Through Jamie Cortez’s “Sexile” and Manalansans “Global Divas” we get a much better sense of what gender identity really is.  In Cortez’s “Sexile” we get a view of what it is like to be transgender and how hard it is for Adele to be whom she truly is.  And Global Divas defines the border between bakla and gay.

Throughout the struggle of finding one’s self others are going to judge and criticize and we see that in this story.  Adele is literally torn apart and hits rock bottom before she ever makes progress.  At a very young age although biologically born a male she always knew she was a woman.   She is aware of her gender identity she does not allow a piece of paper to tell her otherwise.  Joining a school pageant and dressing as a girl and really expressing who she was, was the first step of accepting who she was and who she was going to be.  But from that one step an even bigger set back arose.  Being drafted although seems as a big deal Adele did not hide and dressed the way she wanted and was sent back for being ineligible for the army due to being a “homosexual”.  Adele broke the boundaries and proved that you can be who you truly want to be.  Although there is going to be a lot of struggle in the end it will be worth it.  Through the discrimination and mal treatment she went through, she became who she was always supposed to be, Adele.

Through Manalansans “Global Divas” we get this new concept of Bakla.  Bakla is a male who is attracted to men.  Some dress like woman and even self-identify as women.  I liked the term of bakla because it gives us a different view of gender identity.  They truly choose to be exactly who they are and love who they want.  They also describe that the masculine bakla has a female heart.  That made me have a different way of viewing gay because her in the United States we see as male to male companions as gay.  But the way bakla is described is such a more beautiful definition.  Identifying with ones gender is not all about title but about the feeling.

Gender identity ties back into Transgender because its gives us a view of how someone wants to be perceived away from their biological identity.  This class has already opened up my eyes so much to how people are so quick to label everything and sometimes not everything or everyone can be labeled.  Through both of the readings I have learned that gender identity is how you feel and is just who you are.  People cannot go around labeling others.  The first day of class we were asked our gender preferred pronouns.  That really opened up my eyes that people want respect about who they are and I really enjoyed that because labeling is not something that defines us we are who define us.


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