Christina Madrazo’s All-American Story

Discussion Questions:

1. How can society hold all forms of the prison industrial complex accountable for violence against trans-, queer, and populations of women? Who should the detention center’s and PIC be accountable too?

2. In the article , Solomon discusses Diva Citizenship, ” occurs when a person stages a dramatic coup in a public sphere in which she does not have privilege” (23), is this form of citizenship effective as a long term solution or short term solution? Does it really create awareness of the corruption of the PIC?

3. Since the article has been written in 2002, has there been a change in how violence in detention centers and other forms of the PIC changed? Are officers held accountable or have conditions gotten worse?

4. Is America a land of the free for people seeking freedom for violence like Christina Madrazo or do government institutions perpetuate oppression? Is the United States really a shot at a second chance?


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