Discussion Questions Bakla and Gay

Q1:Do you feel attitude and expectations Filipino culture has for female gender roles have affected the expectations held for, and opinions of Bakla culture? Do you think that this is why Perez calls to baklas to “recognize they were born biologically male and to stop feminizing his features/behaviors.”

Q2:  The bakla is expected to “like a woman, he must suffer, but unlike a woman he must pay.” Has anyone experienced /or heard of this double standard in the American transgender world of being expected to pay the price of both roles?

Q2: How does the “process of unfurling the cape” compare to coming out. What are the benefits and cons of each of the processes. Which do you think is a more productive process in the long run. Can they even be compared?


One thought on “Discussion Questions Bakla and Gay

  1. I believe the “process of unfurling the cape” means that you slowly start acting or changing into the identity you identify with without the exact date or time you stated your identity. In other words, your “coming out” story, as referred by most Americans. As discussed in the reading “Global Divas”, the process of unfurling the cape does not mean revealing a secret self, but an unfelt or unapprehended presence (pg.28). To American’s coming out is a life changing moment that will either be positive or negative. In many cases you never know if your parents, guardians, siblings, friends, and family will accept you for who are. As one of the informants’ indicated silence is neither good nor bad in the Philippines. Compared to America silence is seen as denial, rejection, and disappointment.

    Some benefits of coming out is the sense of relief and knowing hearing how your parents and family feel about you coming out whether it is positive or negative. Another benefit of coming out is developing closer, more genuine relationship with friends and family because you could be who you truly are, instead of putting up an act. This will also alleviate stress of hiding your identity. Some cons of coming out are rejection from the people you love most and going from being the favorite child to their disowned child the next day. Another con could be anti-gay bulling at schools and loss of friendships due to miss understandings or acceptance. From what read in the reading bakla’s wear their identity and when unfurling the cape most parents just know versus them having to tell them. The benefit of this could be not having to face your parents and family on a certain day and time and have your life change forever, but also living without knowing how they truly feel about your identity. As in Danny’s case his mother never referred to his partner as his companion. The acknowledgement of your relationship will never be there.

    I believe the most productive process in the long run would be “coming out”. I might be just saying this because I live in the U.S. and that is what I know, but I also believe that you have the right to be who you are and know how your loved ones feel about your relationship; whether that is good or bad. I do feel that the process of coming out is more difficult because your life does change from one day to another. However, when it is not talked about as in some of the informant’s cases I feel they are technically still in the closet.

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