Discussion ?’s – I Know What I Am

The reading this week talked about self-identity and how people used it in different situations to just scratch the surface of the reading.

Question #1 – What did you think about section about the Meat Market concerning shifting between identities, the discussion between Monica and Sugar, and being “soft” or hard.” Did any of your thoughts conflict with your previous knowledge of self-identity?

Question #2- Do you think self-identity needs to have a solid basis, such as a strict definition? As seen with the many of the workers at the Meat Market they didn’t couldn’t quite put it into words but they knew what they were. Does this raise any concerns?

Question #3- Anita was not familiar with the term “transgender” and Nora attempted to get Miss Angel to pick a definition of the self. Do you think with additional knowledge and understanding the workers at the Meat Market could “properly” or differently self-identify?


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