Evyn 101: Intro to Evyn

Hi everyone! My name is Evyn (pronounced like Evan) Evans (bc I am a supervillain), and I’m a Linguistics major! I’m Agender & go by They/Them pronouns and I am also suuuuuuuper queer. I spend a lot of my time on tumblr where I yell about attractive ppl and yell at racists/sexists/cissexists/heterosexists/etc, and I aspire to be a non-binary Jane Elliott when I grow up. In the meantime I want to go into publishing and help make queer YA fiction better and more available to queer youth, and also more diverse and inclusive so that they are more likely to see themselves reflected therein!

I love making new friends (esp other trans/queer ppl!!) so feel free to ask to see pictures of my super cute cat or something and I will gladly oblige!


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